Our Programs


Me & My Grown Up



One's and Two's enjoy engaging classroom activities without separating from their adult. Programs run September-January, February-June and July-August. Children who attend Me & My Grown Up classes make an easier transition into preschool classes as they are already familiar with classroom routines. Adults and children make new friends while enjoying music and movement, art, circle time, playground/gym activities and free play. Me & My Grown Up classes are a very special time for adults and children...together.

Slow Separation


Two's and early Three's who are almost ready to separate benefit greatly from this slow, child-centered separation process. Programs meet once per week September-January and February-June, or twice per week during July-August.

The first few classes are designed to allow children to adjust to the classroom environment with their adult in the space. Over the course of the semester, children slowly increase the amount of time in class spent without their adult.



Our 2's program is a gentle introduction to preschool. Classes meet 2 or 3 days per week from September-June. In September, parents are welcome to stay with their child and work on separation slowly. 

The focus of the 2's program is teaching children to manage classroom routines, and share space/toys, and adult attention. Activities are developmentally appropriate for the shortened attention span of 2-year-olds.

Themes such as "When I Was A Baby", "Going To The Potty", "Seasons" and "Holidays" teach children about the world they live in. The introduction of colors, shapes, music, dramatic play, circle time, playground and art activities challenge the minds of curious 2's. 



Our 3's program provides the opportunity for students to grow both socially and academically in a warm and caring classroom environment. Classes meet from 2-5 days per week, half day and full day options are available.

For many 3 year-olds, this is their first experience being away from a familiar adult and being part of a group independently. Children come to Kiddie Junction with unique personalities, varying levels of development and different life experiences. We recognize that each child is an individual, and tailor interactions to meet developmental needs. 

3's learn through a multi-sensory hands on approach, and enjoy practicing new skills independently during center time. Themes focus on learning about the world around them and help students feel more self-confident in their new role as a member of our classroom community. Self-help skills are introduced alongside Language and Math concepts. 

This year’s activities include: a VIP day for each student, holiday parties and sing-a-longs, field trips, a parent tea party, Scholastic Book Fair, Special Person Day, and our end of year picnic. 



Our Levittown contracted UPK program utilizes the same curriculum as our private 4's program- Big Day for PreK.  The UPK lottery determines entrance into the district program which runs 5 half days. Our private program offers families the option of 3 or 5 half or full days. UPK students who wish to part-take in a full day of 4's may enroll in a private morning session.

The curriculum is very comprehensive, focusing on each area of development: Social/Emotional, Cognitive, Language, Math, Science, Social Studies and Gross/Fine Motor. Students meet for whole group mini-lessons on topics throughout the class as well as child-directed center time and gross motor time. Small group and individualized instruction takes place during center time to reinforce topics or provide enrichment.

4's enjoy many of the same celebrations as the 3's classes as well as an off-site end of year graduation ceremony.